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But those Pokemon are soooo pretty. I'm using Togekiss and Glaceon in my Platinum playthrough, actually. And with this challenge, I'm trying to use obviously feminine Pokemon haha. Anyway, here's my first update:

Game: SoulSilver
Player: Alli
Gender: Female

Megan / Bayleef (f) lv. 17
Razor Leaf, Tackle, PoisonPowder, Synthesis

Oddly enough, I got a female starter right from the get go. No SRing! Yay. She beat Falkner all by herself. So strong etc. I will play more tomorrow or some time this weekend...I have a busy week ahead of me though so lol. :(

As for a story behind my trainer...uhhh...she's a...feminist? idk. lol Yeah, that's it. Set out to show the world what a girl and her girly Pokemon can do. And beat up boys. And beat up her rival Xandr. ;3 Japanese game okay character limit xoxo.

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