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Haru grinned.Void was really friendly in general, so he had secretly taught him to shake hands. He always ate with Void to increase his friendship. He was the friendlier of the three pokemon, and the other two ate off together. "I'll just be going now.Thanks for everything" he said in his 'I'll just leave you two alone voice" and ran in the direction Val had pointed. He returned everyone except for Void, for Void needed to work on his speed. "Keep up buddy." he called encouragingly. He heard the Munchlax panting not to far behind him.

Void wasn't necessarily out of shape. He was a Munchlax.That was all. After a while, he saw the lights of Oak Town, twinkling in the night and grinned. "Void, we have a buffet to get to.I'm stuffed." he said zealously, and his companion simply gave a simple, but meaningful gesture. He touched his stomach and it growled."One less buffet with no food." Haru laughed.
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