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Renato Vincitore
Academy Grounds

Standing at the entrance to the Academy, Renato sighed. Why did he have to go through with this. His Dad knew very well that Renato disliked contact with other people. So what was Renato’s father’s well thought out solution to this problem.

“Let’s send you to a boarding school where you’re forced to live with and interact with other students on a daily basis. It’ll be great!”

Yeah, no. ‘Great’ idea Pops. Get the problem child out of the house, and now you’re suddenly Renato-less for 10 months. I’ll bet you’re having a blast without me there to ruin the social atmosphere.

Next to Renato, his Charmander, Gemini, poked him jokingly. Gemini’s exotic heterochromatic eyes, one blue, one green, glinted mischievously. If Pokemon could talk, Gemini would have most certainly said ‘Come on bro, let’s not keep the ladies waiting, eh?’

Sighing again, Renato trudged through the front gates. “I’ve never quite figured out how you’re so chipper all the time. Can’t you ever, y’know, be sad?”

After seeing Gemini shake his head, Renato just sighed again. ‘Well, better go find someone to show me around. As much as I loathe the idea of that, I’ll most likely get lost without any kind of guidance.’

And thus Renato set off to find an accursed tour guide.

After a few minutes of searching, Renato eventually gave up.

“Well, I have no idea where I am, where the dorms are, or even where my own dorm is!” Renato took a deep breathe, calming his nerves. “So, Gemini, where do you suggest I spend the night?”

Renato’s Charmander, Gemini, chuckled. He then pointed to a bench next to what Renato thought might be a Dorm building.

Renato sighed. “Well, that’s better than nothing I guess.”

Renato laid down on the wooden bench’s hard surface. ‘I’ll find a tour guide tomorrow, I guess.’

After a few minutes of restless turning, Renato gave up.

“Screw it, let’s go back into town. I think I saw a TM shop somewhere around there.”

And thus Renato began his walk to Oak Town.

Along the way, he faced perilous trials, multiple wild Pokemon, and vicious bandits.

No, not really. It was pretty uneventful actually. And soon enough, Renato found himself at the TM shop surrounded by…people.

‘Well, it could be worse.’
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