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Pokémon Auburn started off as a little FRLG styled game I started right after I finished school, around late June, to kill time. Since then the game has gone through major changes. I managed to get a few amazing team members to help me out in changing the game to a Gen IV style and the game had lots of progress being made at that point.


Pokémon Auburn lets you take control of a young trainer in the Lamore Region, a beautiful and lush region filled with many different Pokémon. As your father is one of the strongest trainers in Lamore, you try and follow in their footsteps by receiving a starter Pokémon from Professor Holly, the regional professor who is located in Persimmon Town. After receiving your starter, you meet up with Professor Holly’s son Cedric and engage in a friendly battle with him, this will be the first of many great bouts you fight as a Pokémon trainer. Your next destination lies in Sinopia City, which is slightly larger than Persimmon Town, and a great place for healing your starters battle wounds and buying some nice merchandise at the PokéMart.

Your journey continues on to Bellow Town, where your task is to fight your first Gym Battle against the town’s Poison-Type expert Lason, however your quest is momentarily interrupted. Some grunts claiming to be from Team Direct are trying to force a kid to give up his Pokémon, and despite your inexperience, you’re the only one up to stopping them. Luckily enough, you’re able to fend them off, but those grunts were just a taste of Team Direct’s power. The organization’s influence has been growing steadily as they cause more mischief throughout the region. Team Direct’s grunts may be weak, but the organization’s true power lies at the top.

Team Direct’s leader, a mysterious man by the name of Nonu seeks to become the most powerful man in the world and rule with Team Direct by his side. After years of toiling in search of it, Nonu has supposedly found the Omega Unown, a forme of Pokémon exclusive to the Lamore region, and one that’s powers are far beyond that of all the other Unown. Not much is known about this Pokémon, or if Nonu has it like he is rumored to, but it’s supposedly able to bend anyone’s will and can act as a means for mass mind control, truly a threat if it ends up in the wrong hands. Nonetheless, it’s up to you as the protagonist to win battles, fight evil and write your own story as a Pokemon master.


  • Achievements! - Complete certain achievements throughout the game to earn PokéPoints.
  • PokéPoints - A different type of currency. Earn PokéPoints from trainer battles, completing quests, and completing achievements.
  • PokéPoint Shop - Buy things such as EXP Gems, Rare Candybars, Pokémon Eggs that will hatch into any random Pokémon, and much more!
  • Quests - There will be plenty of quests in Auburn for you to complete and earn rewards from.
  • Move Combos (May not be in the game) - Combine two of your Pokémon's moves to make a new one. (example: Ember + Rapid Spin = Fire Spin, Thunderbolt + Quick Attack = Volt Tackle)
  • Explore Lamore - Travel around a brand new region!
  • And much more!


Rayne & Alicia
Age: 14
The protagonist of Pokémon Auburn. As the son/daughter of a great Pokémon trainer, it was only natural that you would follow in your father’s footsteps and take the gym challenge with a Pokémon by your side. Throughout Pokémon Auburn, you will encounter many characters, Pokémon and conflicts, but nothing can stop you from reaching your dream of being a Pokémon Master.

Age: 14
The son of Professor Holly, Cedric is a good-natured boy who loves the spirit of competition. Cedric is always a good sport, but gives nothing less than 100% in battle and always loves to hit the protagonist up for a friendly fight. Cedric’s signature Pokémon is an Aipom that he received from his mother, when he was younger. He's secretly a mime holding a box filled with lasagna.

Professor Holly
Age: 32
Professor Holly is the Lamore Region’s resident Pokémon Professor. She specializes in Pokémon's alternate formes and the environmental and genetic factors that influence a Pokémon to change forme. Professor Holly is a kind and caring individual who helps set the protagonist, as well as her own son, off on their Pokemon journey. Throughout the story, Professor Holly continues to help out the player and provide advice and encouragement to them.

Age: ???

Starter Pokémon

Pick one of these three starter Pokémon:




They all evolve around late 20's.


The Team

Cilerba - Tiler, Mapper, Eventer
Ben. - Tiler
Goloog - Spriter, Character Designer, does other random tasks
Spherical Ice - Spriter
Zingzags - Scripter
tylerab01 - Scripter

Want to be a part of this team? Send me a PM!


Poccil/Maruno - Pokémon Essentials
44tim44 - Tiles
DonLawride - HGSS Mart tiles I edited
FL - Script
Abnegation - Map and some stuff
AceDragonite - General help
Aquakip - Sprites
Kyledove - Tiles
Dewitty - Tiles
Daedalus - SULLIVAN

I have a feeling I'm forgetting people to list under credits. PM me if you think you should be here.

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