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Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post

Both of those errors are fixed in the new patch. I forgot to change one of watchog's types to Normal. It's fixed now.


I believe Tajaros fixed that error in the newest patch. However if he didn't, all errors pass the battle with V in Atlantic Cape will be fixed in the final update of beta 1 with the level increases and fixed maps on Monday. Try downloading the new patch, walk in & out of the ship, then try going back in & see if it changes. If not, Monday's patch will fix that event.


I'll make sure that Entei event Finally works perfectly in the final patch on Monday. I'm ready to move on to Beta2, so I'll work extra hard to get these errors out of the way now. That Entei Event is becoming annoying!


Thanks for letting me know about the autograph person. I'll be getting up to her very soon in my playthrough and fix her script.
I'm still getting alot of Victini although i used the newest patch i can download