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Thanks for the code Jambo51! I've got it *mostly* working, but there's one little problem with it. If you got my PM (or didn't, for that matter), please try to shoot one back to me soon!

I hope I'll be able to get it fully working so you guys can enjoy the convenience of an item in the near future, which might be sooner than expected. I gotta fix a nasty bug (on my part) that affects everyone who chose Squirtle as their starter (it won't show up until the post-game). It's not me discriminating, I promise!

Originally Posted by Mallowigi View Post
That's a great project you have here. Also, did you insert only soundtracks from the Pokemon games or from other games as well? That would be really awesome!
All the "new" tracks in my hack are from the older Pokémon games. I don't know how to directly port tracks of another system's format from other games to GBA games, or if that is even possible. I think there are a few things one could use to get tracks sounding mostly right (record the original, turn it into a MIDI format, create instruments in Sappy that play the right sounds for the track, insert the track, fine-tweak it and presto?). I don't know myself, but if I find out a more practical method I'll get right to trying it out.

Technically you could emulate any sound you want using the GBA's DirectSound tracks. The only problem with doing that would be that the sound of them would be really muddled thanks to the system's weak speaker. Plus there are only two DirectSound tracks available, limiting your options for overlapping sounds.

Originally Posted by ShinyDragonHunter View Post
Can you apply this to an existing hack then edit the 8-bit soundbank?
Are you talking about putting part of my currently-existing custom soundbank into another hack? Unless you plan on using tracks from it, it would be easier to just create a new custom soundbank. Many other, if not most other, existing hacks have different data where I have my tracks, so data would be overwritten and the game would be screwed up if you tried direct porting. Even if you were to change its location, you'd have to change the pointers to the table's the assembly code's new location, as well as change it and the song table if need be. DavidJCobb has a guide up for that that I used to implement this myself. It's really helpful for anyone wanting to add a new soundbank while retaining the original tracks.

DavidJCobb's guide isn't as "dreadful" as it seems. In fact, if you fully know how to use Sappy Mod 15 a few of the more arduous steps can be passed by! Make sure to also refer to Maginus's guide for general music hacking.

As for my soundbank, the table begin at 0x800000. The actual tracks appear at 0x808000. You'll also need the assembly code at 0x880000 - 0x880037. And it isn't strictly an 8-bit soundbank, just so you know!
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