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Quote originally posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic:
Posted!! Woop woop!

I can't wait until I alchemize all kinds of gunblades...I already have an idea for one! alchimizing is gonna be sweet.

I don't really know what I'm gonna prototype with though...ideas...ideas...oh!

Would a kefka sprite be too much like calsprite? I don't want some incessant bwooping for the rest of the rp X| Oh, and I read all the way up to Hivebent.
Swordkind is fine, even though it is a bit unoriginal ;p Dave had that. Gunbladekind could be a bit narrow... unless you alchemize new weapons using your Revolver Gunblade as base! But Swordkind will do fine ^^

and what's a kefka

Quote originally posted by Otherworld9):
I remember when ever I would write up a post, and right when I click to post it, it says I have to log in..and then I log in wrong, and then the next time I do, everything is erased. Hahaha xD

I was going to end the post with opening the lid but, I thought that would be too fast....wanted to enjoy doing some things to his house before moving on, along with the panic. Also, there's a few ideas I might use for the Kernelsprite, since Ricardo already has a living thing to prototype it with...I think. :o)
Oh god, you're doing Gamzee's smiley. HONK

No need to rush, that's right ;) let them talk for a bit~
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