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Valorie Ryder -
Valorie gave Haru a small wave before turning her attention to Dragonite and Mark. She gave the boy an awkward smile and decidedly moved over closer, leaving Haxorus to attempt to harass an oblivious Jellicent to no avail. It was like watching a bunny rabbit stare down Cthulu as Haxorus growled and made feinting dash movements in Jellicent's general direction, or was Jellicent more like Cthulu here? Who knew. Valorie proceeded to grasp the lower corner of her cap and pull it outwards a bit. The gesture was oddly reminiscent of a curtsy.

"Thanks!~ It--It's a dragon master's cape..."

A tint of pink graced her cheeks as she continued.

"I got it from one of the teachers. He wanted to test me in a battle--I passed!!"

She seemed pretty excited about this anyway. She neglected to mention that Lance himself had had something to do with the arrangement. Perhaps he'd been impressed with that mock battle at HOTA corporation and had asked Drake to test Valorie personally? She had been much too weak to put up anything resembling a fair fight against Lance's true team. A pause occured. She realized she was perhaps talking too much about herself.

"What have you been up to?"

...Meanwhile, Dragonite looked down at Snype and tilted her head as if confused by something. She then leaned over a bit as if to inspect him.

Dragonite: "Did... did you get smaller?"

Dragonite seemed earnestly startled by this, as if unaware of how tall she was compared to her form as a dragonair.

Olivia Wolf - Beach
Olivia listened as Calnith went on. What was a Tynamo?~ She certainly didn't know. Little did Calnith realize her obsession with cute pokemon, lest he probably would've thought twice about recommending an eel known for dragging itself out of the waters to consume people kirby style. Or... or did a resemblence to Kirby however so slight make it cute? P-probably not. Theeen he released a fully evolved steel pokemon and Olivia gasped lightly, apparently shocked by it's presence. It looked so... so...!

"It's nice to meet you too!~ That pokemon looks as hard as a rock..!"

...Hilarious statements aside, she seemed impressed on some level. It wasn't all that cute though.

"Yeah--It was in that cave over there"

She pointed vaguely in the direction of the cave entrance, which was probably very difficult to see in the dark.

"It was even /colder/ in there---I haven't found a pokemon yet though, and it's getting dark. How will I know which one I want if I can't see them?"

Olivia lamented out loud, seemingly about ready to give up and head back to the academy for the night.
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