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"Of course there are refreshments. You just gotta know who to ask." Seph mumbled from his half concious state, "Front pocket on my bag. Got three gronla Baa...ZZzzzZzzz..."

Seph was back to more unconciouns that awake. He rolled over again and tried to find some comfert. His dreamless and restless sleep were not helping pass time. After an especially loud yawn Seph attempted to roll over again and fell off his makeshift bed to the floor. He landed on his back and his fedora rolled acorss the aisle.

"UGh... if I do one thing in this life besides become a pro trainer its gonna be cure jetlagg..." Seph grumbled getting up.

"Ground rules on my stuff. You only take what I say you can, and if I don't offer it don't ask about it." Seph said retrieving his fedora and grabbing his bag out of the overhead compartment.

He took out the bag of snack that he hadn't even bothered to touch until now. This may seem a bit strange for an anti social person, but it got one less person to complain if it worked.
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