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Hanso remained silent as the conversation continued. Noctus pulled out a map as he talked.

"There are literally dozens of ways into Albia. Just depends where you're headed." Noctus continued. "Since we're going to the watchtowers..." He flipped the map over, revealing a map of a different zone, appearing to have the same layout and shape as Albia, but instead appearing to be underneath the city. "...we're gonna go through the sewers. Now, nobody knows about these except the thieves. We've got a whole buncha ways into the sewers, and a lot of different roads we dug up for ourselves. Our best bet is to take the north entrance, which is about ten kilometers north of Albia, just out of range of the north watchtowers. We could sneak in to the sewer entrance there, and make our way to the watchtowers underneath. There's paths down there that come up right under the four watchtowers. I can show one group where mine is, and draw a map for the other three."

Hanso walked closer to the Cacturne so he could see the map better, his eyes scanning it as he committed some details to mind. When Zane asked if anyone could be lying in wait, Noctus assured him that it would take an army to cover the whole sewer system, if they knew about it in the first place. After seeing this map, Hanso wondered what, exactly, the residents of Eden Forest did with this knowledge. For that matter, had anyone ever mentioned why there were so many routes into Albia? This could go both ways, Hanso realized. If any of these routes led into the forest itself, then someone who wanted to attack the thieves could use this. So what happens once Albia is retaken? What will Noctus do, knowing that the Gold Tribe has seen his map now?

'Now hold on just one second,' Ragnaros said, louder than needed. He threw Noctus a hateful look. 'We already got double crossed by this thieving scum. Who tells us this so called Prince of theirs isn't an agent of doom?'

Hanso gave a silent sigh while the dragon added a comment. Trusting Roswell had, indeed, almost led the Gold Tribe to their doom. Penance didn't remember what happened, but that didn't change the fact that trusting any of the thieves might prove disastrous. Except...Noctus was providing the way into Albia. They had to trust him, at least for now.

Penance nodded. "Right, the cannons definitely have to go, that map even reminds me of when I was in Ca-" He stopped in mid sentence, "Uh... when I was younger."

Hanso stopped scanning Noctus' map to look up at the Golduck. First, Penance had not, he suspected, told them what his bracelet really was. Now, there's something about his past that he didn't want to reveal.
"One we get the cannons under control someone has to stay on top to alert the others to the positions of the Sentinels in the city. Truestriker, I need you to be able to teleport or use some form of telekinesis to communicate with us. Alternatively I can position myself up there and be able to communicate with everyone. Though I won't be present for the battles then, you all would have to relay my orders to Dark Lightening then and make sure he's on track with us."

I can try digging into his past later. Focus. As Penance finished talking, Hanso turned his attention back to the map. Holes... "Assuming there aren't any obstacles, how long should it take to get through the sewers?"