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I did start over and things still didn't work lol.


Either way in the town after the entei event you face Pete and after you beat him he tells you about a mysterious house to visit. I enter the house right next to him and his dad and the place is called ??? and all that is inside is a black triangle a woman who I can't talk to and an old man who says "May Arceus guide me on my journey" is something suppose to happen here? PS. besides the Entei event not working there is a goon who acts like I already battled him, or when he does battle me (Sometimes it works other times it doesn't it is weird) he shows up as a grunt and has the same pokemon as the grunt who is beside the rock slide teacher hiker. The goon that is acting up is the second male goon you can fight. After you see the very first male and female goon and climb up a ladder you have to cross in front of a male or female goon the male goon is the one acting up, Sorry I'm horrible at directions sometimes