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I think that if you already have a Dragonite, there's no use in replacing it with a Salamence, as they both effectively do the same job almost, especially ingame there isn't really much of a difference.

If you're planning on actually using Lucario, you might want to trade in an egg of a Riolu early on, because you get Riley's egg pretty late ingame, and then it's only level 1, so it's more of a pain to train than what it's really worth. Here are some good movesets you can get for your Pokemon:

Empoleon is mostly a special attacker but ingame, variety will work fine really. You should at least have these:
- Surf (HM) / Hydro Pump (Lv 59)
- Ice Beam (Route 216/Game Corner) / Blizzard (Veilstone Store)
And any of these moves are an option:
Aqua Jet (Lv 36), Flash Cannon (Canalave Gym), Earthquake (Wayward Cave), Shadow Claw (Hearthome Gym), Rock Slide (Mt Coronet)

Also, why not use Garchomp? You shouldn't be planning on battling wirelessly with these Pokemon anyway (EVs, IVs, natures, etc, if you don't pay attention to them, your opponent probably will which will cause your loss most likely) and smogon bans should have no effect on your ingame play.