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Yeah, I'd have to disagree with the idea that BW had anywhere near the best music of the series thus far. Don't get me wrong, the music was incredible in BW, but GSC/HGSS holds the title for not only the best Pokemon series soundtrack, but the best original soundtrack of any video game, in my opinion (possibly with the exception of Super Mario Bros. 3 and LOZ: Ocarina of Time).

I absolutely loved the bike music, and the Castelia City and Opelucid City themes. Those were phenomenal pieces of music. They really brought out the brightness in the games and sounded very similar in style to some of the Gen I/II music (the bike theme reminds me of the Prime Cup Masterball Semifinal music in Pokemon Stadium, which is one of my all time favourite tracks from the entire series).

But yeah, BW had a pretty good soundtrack. I'd say it's probably on the same level as the music from DPPt, but completely outclassed by the first three generations, especially Gen II/the Gen II remakes in Gen IV.
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