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(OOC: Got sick of waiting, so continuing on! :])

Damion gradually awoke from his earlier passing out to see the sun just barely peaking itself above the horizon. As he stretched out his weary body more recharged from the power sleep he just had, he saw a beautiful sunrise about to happen. Despite the dreary conditions of being marooned against his will on an island when he was supposed to be enjoying a nice cruise to clear his head, he did find some positive in the situation.

"Mmmm, and I was having a wonderful dream too..." Damion said as he wiped some more sand from his body, then brushed his hair back. As he collected himself he thought about some of the female trainers he just starting to become good 'friends' with before he left. "Maybe I'll go back and see Sabrina, or Jasmine, Or even Whitney, that is if i ever get off this island..."

After he got up, he noticed some of the dried blood still on his body. Though his wounds closed up, he decided taking a refreshing dip would aid in both relaxation and cleanliness. He looked around at all the other people who were still asleep from the looks of it.

"Better get this over before they wake up, don't want some of the girls waking up to see me naked." He said joking to himself. As he got undressed, the cool morning air hit his skin and formed goosebumps. He quickly ran down the beach and jumped into the ocean. Surprisingly for how cool the air was, the water was rather warm. After swimming around for a few, and wiping his body off, he headed back to shore to dry off and get dressed.

As he walked to where his bag was, he started ringing out his long silver blond hair. After a quick shake he grabbed a towel from his bag, dried off and then started getting dressed. "Might as well dress tropical." he thought to himself. He decided to leave his shirt off, somewhat showing off his muscular tan physique, and just wear shorts. After tightening his belt, he grabbed his bandanna and tied it over his damp hair.

"I wonder if anyone else has woken up yet." He said to himself, looking over towards the lean-to hut where the others were sleeping.
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