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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
Lmao Ryan is a desperation choice if that. Romney basically sacrificed any shot at pulling in moderates or minorities by creating a hyper partisan ultra conservative ticket meant to rally the neo cons of the far right. If he was smart he would have picked Rubio or Portman.
And Rubio would have been any better? He's a darling of the Teabaggers and just as far right as Ryan, if not moreso. Portman or Pawlenty would have been safe, horribly boring picks - just like Romney himself.

Ryan is young and charismatic - both things Romney lacks - but he has a ton of baggage. Namely, that little "let's get rid of Social Security, Medicare, and Pell grants" budget last year of which he himself was the mastermind. That debacle has gone down in history as the "Ryan plan" and was almost universally hated by liberals, moderates, and all but the most die-hard conservatives alike.

The only people that Romney will capture with this VP pick are the hyper-conservatives. I doubt he'll even get Ryan's home state of Wisconsin - that's usually a pretty strong Democratic stronghold, and I'm not sure Ryan is very popular outside his own district in that state.
And just like that, the story ends.
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