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As he came closer to full wakefulness Devin realized could feel was a warm pressure on his chest and rhythmic vibration buzzing through his back slowly replacing the dull cold that he had been vaguely aware of. Taking the first waking breath of a new day, Devin’s eyes fluttered open as he realized he was lying on his side on a beach with his growlithe curled into a ball pressing itself against his chest and that the vibrations from behind him had been Frix’s purring combined with the weak electrical current it was passing into his body.

Taking his second breath, this time noticing the tightness in his chest, Devin forced himself to his knees into a kneeling position and tried again to take stock of his situation. His movements had aroused Prowler and Frix from their light slumber; Prowler scratched himself in a decidedly doglike manor while the luxio stretched in a very feline way. He briefly wondered where his little vaporeon had gotten to but quickly reasoned that left unattended it was likely hunting in the shallows, completely invisible to the human eye, and would return at its own leisure.

Belatedly Devin realized a few things: The first being that the sun was just rising over the ocean, which even in his muddled state he knew meant that he had been unconscious for a substantial amount of time. The second was that approximately one hundred yards away, where the beach met the jungle, a makeshift structure had been recently erected. The final thing of note was that there appeared to be a person getting dressed near the surf.

Well, I might as well figure out what’s going on, he though. He stood and started to slowly make his way to this interesting figure, his footsteps oddly muffled in this early hour. “Hey!” he tried to shout but immediately knew the odds that he was heard were slim, with his voice still little more than a rasp and the figure so close to the crash of waves. He sighed and shuffled on, Prowler and Frix padding behind.
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