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Quote originally posted by allaurarenee:
:3 Do you do cloning services by any chance?
nope, sorry "
Quote originally posted by Orrun:
-UT Timid Pikachu lv.100 (5/11/2012) OT Fes ID 05112 [Singapore]
-UT Timid レックウザ (Rayquaza) lv.100 (2/10/2012) OT せんきょ ID 02102 w/life orb
-UT Modest Canadian Celebi lv.50 OT GAMESTP ID 02271

Is there anything in my thread that you'd like for these 3 events?
I didn't see anything I wanted, sorry
Quote originally posted by TheRuppster:
Hi I'd like to trade for one of your movie Keldeos. I have some event pokemon that have been trained some. They are an american movie Victini level 87 , a Mewtwo, and a Used event shiny Raikou
I'm not interested, sorry
Quote originally posted by xxashxx:
Hey wazup? Do you have that Genesect yet? If you do what do you want for it and what FC are you using to trade it from. BTW I can't trade until after church XD. See you tomorrow night I hope XD.
Yeah, what do you have to offer me for it and use my black fc saizo
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