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I tried the game and didn't dare go past picking the starter yet. For starters, not much has changed, but I'll let that slide for now (though, a new intro would be nice, really...)

Right, from the starting area - Tile errors such as the river that just... Ends, cut off. Not good to look at. Houses look blocky and shouldn't have side entrances like that that warp as soon as you step on the tile, just annoying. Why is the Professor's lab a Gym anyway? The lab is also very empty, it needs something to look at least more lab like! And now to the starter event. Oh wait... I missed the beginning Rival event. Turns out you can skip that and go straight to the Starter event. Also, I can exit this part of the event back to the starting town before choosing the starter, and when I return realising I made that mistake, I accidently talked to the Professor, freezing my game. Quite a few bugs and errors in just 2 minutes of playing, really. Also, as soon as I choose a Pokemon, my ROM freezes. Really, needs a lot of work... Just to be playable to me.

Also, you used the wrong grass tile on your maps. You used the darker grass which should only be used as shade like under a building like the E4 building, not everywhere.

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