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Quote orignally posted by BeetTester:
I'll test it along tha way fo spellng errors/weird glitches if you'd like, I actually really like dis idea.
Alright, I'll put you down as a beta tester.

Quote orignally posted by Ash493:

You need ta look at dis from tha fans' pont of view.
Seeng screenies and features is cool and all but nothng can beat tha experience thay gan from actually playng tha gbee.
(Not ta mention you can discover bugs only by playng, y'know? :D)
I git where you're comng from. I'm just more or less rbeblng, haha, I don't mean ta start a whole discussion bout where ROM sphealng is gong thase days.

I'm workng mah hardest ta supply you homeys wit a Beta 0.5, and now I have Oshawatt on mah tebe ta help me nsert sprites. We'll (most likely) be usng Chaosrush's sprites.

Beta 1 Comng Soon! ||||||||||