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Originally Posted by botnaeasy View Post
thanks Ark_Silvanos.
I'm waiting for answer to: it is possible to make script which removed some player's pokemon 4ever? sorry for trouble and thanks for help.
Banjora Marxvile had a good idea, to make use of the daycare scripts. Here is a link to a post by JPAN on the different special scripts in the game. Luckily, it seems as though the process of putting a pokemon in the daycare uses several of these. There are two in particular that seem like they will help you. 176 removes a pokemon (I would assume set by 0BC or 09F, the same as the other one, 0BB, that works for the daycare that can take two) from your party and puts it at the cerulean daycare address. I would think that this is just some variable that has no protection, meaning that if you use the script before the daycare is available, you should have no issues (you should obviously make sure, check the daycare script to see if flags or variables are used). Now, this would require the player to select the Pokemon themselves, but there is another special command, 147, that places a pokemon's pokedex number in a variable. It references the same variable that 0BC an 09F use, but I am unsure if they write what it reads, I am assuming that they write the Pokemon's party number and it reads which one that is, but I can't test it right now. If that is so, all it requires is for you to throw in a compare variable command between special 09F and 147 to make sure they chose the right one.

I think this is enough for you to start playing around a bit. This is of course just a shot in the dark, but it seems to me that it should work. BTW, that link to the specials study is invaluable when you want to do something like this. It is one of my first steps when making a new script.

EDIT: I found a special that "checks for a pokemon species in the party. pokemon number wanted is stored in 0x8004, returns to given variable 0x1 if there is one," special 0x17c. I am not sure what numbers correspond to which Pokemon, but a few minutes of testing should help with that. To use it, you would set the number of the Pokemon you need to variable 0x8004 (setvar 0x8004 0xXXXX, not sure how many numbers, make sure it is in hex) then follow it up with special2 0xXXXX 0x17C replacing the XXXX with the variable. You would then make the special to remove the Pokemon only continue/activate when that variable has a value of 0x1.
Good Luck.

Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
Hey, I wanted to know if someone has a list of the trainer battle music that's on A-Trainer, or if someone can give me a link for it, it would be much appreciated.
Also, how do you get leader battles to play the leader music while you're fighting them?
IIRC, the battle music is determined by the type of trainer battle you are using. he bold one there:

trainerbattle 0xX 0xXXX 0x0 pointer1 pointer2 (sometimes)pointer3

Pointer1 goes to what the trainer says when they see you, I think, the second is for after the battle before the battle screen closes and the last, when applicable, is for continuing the script after the trainer is defeated, as in a gym battle. Anyway the type of music depends on that value and I think that 0x1 is the value needed for a gym battle. Easy way to find out is to go to a gym leader in a vanilla rom and check his/her script, which should be something that you do often, checking scripts similar to yours to find out how to do them (not that I think that applies here). You may already know this but if theres a chance it could help, might as well try.

Good luck.