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What's with the early manga?
I thought that both, Kubo was ill, and SJ was supposed to be on break...
Whatever, I'm glad to be getting more Bleach manga.

Manga 503
Bahahaha, I love how Kenpachi explained how he killed the three Quinzis.
I like 'Quinzis' better than my 'Quincinazis'. :p
Basically..."The first guy was too loud, so I cut him in half; the second one talked too much, so I sliced her throat; The third tried to copy me, so I showed him who the real Slim Shady was."
Then Kenpachi proceeds to attack der Führer, but Kubo cuts it off just as the epic battle starts. :/

Ichigo's still stuck...
Wait, did I just see Bringer Light?
And some black spiritual pressure, but that's probably from his bankai...

Woah, Sternrittern O is a bad-***, even for a Quinzi. :D
"The more I kill, the stronger I get"
He sure has quite a lot of moxie, huh?
Oh dayum~, The Head Captain just joined the fight!
Kubo, you fateful bastard...
Aaaannnd another cliffhanger.....