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Originally Posted by south69_dallas View Post
couple ?'s. 1st: in am 1.92 is there a way to have more options for tiles? doesnt seem like there is alot to work with

2nd: i changed the starting pokemon but the rival after the 1st encounter goes back to having the old starter. there a way to change this?

I don't believe A-Map 1.92 has support for adding more tiles, but A-Map 1.95 does. Simply open up the block editor, and go Blocks>Change Amount. Then, enter any number of blocks. Max is 384 for Firered, though...I think Ruby offers support for more in the secondary, but it has less in the primary tileset (In Ruby, town tilesets have the same max amount of blocks as the main one, while in Firered, the main one has more, but the town tilesets have less).

A typical rival script begins by checking which starter you picked, and calling one of three battles depending on which starter you picked. These scripts are easily repeatable, and don't require you to pick from certain trainerbattles...they can be any trainer battle, really.

Originally Posted by mrjimi16 View Post
Now for a question of my own: Does anybody know of a thread that lists the commands that are compatible with the different types of level scripts? Searching the tutorial section works for some things, but the way it displays the results combined with my internet connection/less-than-state-of-the-art router makes doing a search a lot slower than just asking someone.
I can give you somewhat of an impromptu list, although it's not necessarily complete.

For traditional "On entering map"-type level scripts, your best bet is to use flag setting, unsetting, and checking commands, as well as their respective variable counterparts. Additonally, setworldmapflag for Firered works fine, as well as movesprite2, spriteface, and spritebehave should work fine as well.

For "setmaptile"-type level scripts, you can use the flag commands, variable commands, setmaptile, and special 0x8E. I'm not too sure what else can be used, since I only use this type for setmaptile. I believe it differs from the above because it's executed sooner after entering a map.

For type [02] level scripts, you can use pretty much any command you want that works for, say, a signpost or an OW. These differ from the above two because they execute once warping has finished, and they're also toggled on and off by variables.

For type [04] level scripts, you can pretty much only use spriteface and end. I've also found a few specials will work as well, such as the turn-hero-into-surfing OW, as well as the turn-hero-into-biking OW. These differ because they're executed before warping finishes, meaning they execute before the screen fades from black to normal.

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