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Quote originally posted by Zameric:
What's with the early manga?
I thought that both, Kubo was ill, and SJ was supposed to be on break...
Whatever, I'm glad to be getting more Bleach manga.
I'm thinking it's a leak. Since I think Mangastream mentioned 20th August, which is about a week from now.
Quote originally posted by -Lapras-:
Best bit was Kenpachi
explaining how he killed the 3 people.

Other than that nothing very fun happened imo.

Well, I personally kind of enjoy seeing Ichigo not winning fights.

Quote originally posted by Truality:
All I want to add is
I want to see Sasakibe's bankai. I hope it's not some kind of deadly floating tea.
Quote originally posted by -Lapras-:
Well we do know it's going to be super powerful and yeah, English. He'll probably be able to summon torrential rain or something.
If it's something to do with 5 rings...

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