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Quote originally posted by CycloneGU:
No one has answered my question above. Is there really no answer to it? I am attempting to determine whether my two systems can communicate with each other (in the same way that two systems with Black and/or White communicate with each other) or whether I will have difficulties getting the Pokémon, which should be able to import to Soul Silver or Platinum, to move back to the first system for import into Black on the 3DS. I now am playing Emerald and am looking to know what I'm doing when the time comes.

Using a DS or DS Lite you can transfer Pokémon from Emerald to 4th gen when you have the National Dex in Emerald and unlocked the Pal Park in 4th gen. You can then use the PokéTransfer to transfer them to 5th gen. You should only need your 3rd gen game, a DS Lite/Phat and another DS.
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