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Penance 'Defender' Malum

Penance was rather... aware that his previous statement stirred up some suspicion. He could see the other throw each other glances and he felt his heart beat a bit faster. He forced himself to remain calm and steady. If he started sweating or even stuttering a bit it would really give himself away. As Vigil laid down the plan where all of them would go and in what teams he nodded. "Yes, sounds like a good plan."

He turned to Truestriker, "Just a precaution though, you and I will have to keep in touch with the other groups. Keep a telepathic link with Noctus and I can keep a link with Guardia. There may be some surprises waiting for us there.... possibly a Sentinel." He nodded slowly as he crossed his arms, "Never rule anything out!"

He frowned, "Also, everyone, make sure to check for traps of any kind. Maybe they could weakened some of the stairs to collapse or even sacrifice a tower by knocking it down while we are in there. As long as some of us lose our lives they won't care since the operators of the cannons are no doubt Ancients. If anything shifts around or you hear something impacting with the tower, get out of there on the double."

He sighed, "Once you get the towers cannons smashed up enough we'll have to head to a rendezvous point. Now, the question is who stays up in a tower? Truestriker or myself? Bloodthirster."

He said as he turned to the dragon, "Depending on who stays up there you will have to land near a tower and let either of us hop onto your back. That way you we can both see down below and head down quickly if we are needed. Whoever does get with Bloodthirster will have to keep in contact with someone else to inform of where the Sentinels have been spotted. Now, does everyone understand this?"