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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
Movies are boring cuz they be lonnnnggggg as hell

I personally prefer movie formats where I can fast forward through the borin parts.
I can only pray for your future if you honestly do not have the patience to sit through (on average) one and a half hours of film. You mentioned you like anime, yes? As much as I despise anime, maybe you should try to treat movies as if they are back to back episodes of a particular anime? I’m assuming you, with the attention span of a hamster on crack, cannot handle the long waiting at cinemas and specifically, the lack of being able to pause or rewind a film. So, here’s an idea. Download/buy/rent out a film of your choosing, as long as it’s not anime or based off an anime. Try watching that film for as long as possible and when your miniscule attention span has had enough of the film, pause it. Record the time you finished watching it at and count that as an ‘episode.’ At a later point in time, try watch ‘episode 2’ of the film. Repeat until the film has finished! Now you can enjoy film and simultaneously appease that molecular-sized attention span!

Uh, what’s the point of watching something if you’re going to fast-forward through the boring parts? Don’t you feel confused by the sudden twists and turns of the plot? How are you not left feeling dazed and confused, so to speak?