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Originally Posted by Kanto_Johto View Post
No, I meant I disagree that they're burying him because he's had good mic opportunities recently, which is why I used an example from last week/two weeks ago/whenever it was :).
Ah I see!

Thing is, when he won the title, they were continuously making him look weak, I mean I get that they were turning him Heel so getting some cheap victories and running away etc, the usual heel stuff was kinda necessary but they well overdid it, and it's still happening.

Bryans matches with Punk for the title were phenomenal, and infact anyone he had shared the ring with, but they just make him look terrible by constantly making him lose, whether it's Seamus, Cena, whoever. Other then him picking up the pinfall win 2 weeks ago on raw in the 6 man tag match, I can't remember the last time Bryan won a match, it's ridiculous.

I get it's partly to add to his ''Anger Management'' angle, but there's a line ya know...
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