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Quote originally posted by Sector Revenge:

I couldn't find a picture of me alone, so I had to choose which one to post. I guess I went with this one :x this class was real small so only 3 students dressed up for Halloween here. Of course, I was HUGH HEFNER!

The girl on the right was a school girl and the left I think was supposed to be a witch? Or some Princess..Don't exactly remember, but the teacher, who doesn't even ACT like a teacher & is the best one ever, was Wolverine from X-Men!

This was nearly 3 years ago btw. I still wear this every once in a while when I get cold x)

You guys look great lmao and the teacher looks cool. My teacher is booooring.

Quote originally posted by NintendoQueen:
Lookin' good Sector, and you are so pretty Kyoko! :]

Alright, today I was a bit of a "Fashionista" if you will, and took these pictures of me in my nice clothes [and some cute clothes I like]. Are you ready? There are about 18 of them, so bear with me!


Does this make my butt look big? ;p

Aaaand after trying all those on, I settled for oversized shirt with leggings. <3

Wow Girl you leave me breathless with every pic u cute <3