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Quote originally posted by justink132:
hi ginji how r u? im interested in alot of your pokes. i have just received jap wifi events genesect meloetta keldeo and strong pikachu. i also have lots more if you hit up this link i have somewhat of a list let me know if i have anything you would want to trade for thanks.
I'm only interested in your Shin Se Gea Manaphy lv50 that you have as NFT4E
Quote originally posted by Cleb617:
I'm interested in your Adament TRU Arcues. I probably don't have much to offer, but if you're interested I have a few shinies, 6-7 WISHMKR Jirachi's with different natures and an EV'd Glaceon? Please consider and thanks :p
What are the stats of your ev'd glaceon?
Quote originally posted by xxashxx:
How about my Dream World Rayquaza or Porygon XD?

I have a ne White FC because I got a new DS XD. It is 0777 1176 4886. Thanks XD. I have yet to update all my FC's Have not had time. BTW yesterday I got the Galactic Charizard LVX tin XD. Got some pretty good cards besides that Charizard too XD.

EDIT: I have registered your Saizo FC or whatever it is called. I will be on Wi-Fi as soon as I can but I might not be here. If I am not we can VC and do the trade that way XD. Thanks man.
I already have korean dw rayquaza and US dw porygon...
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