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Quote originally posted by droomph:
even more cute?

uh hell no, sadtwig is cute enough.

Though um I do think they could improve some aspects of it don't get me wrong but they're really eluding me rn.


thank god. though you never added me to the memberlist :c so i'm fine with it either way lol

Sadtwig? Well, better get ready for the Positwig invasion, then

Turtwig do look weird in profile, though.

Quote originally posted by Oshawott01:
Do you think there's something that you can do to your favourite Pokemon to make it even more cute? That would be very hard, I can't think of how to make Oshawott cuter, maybe change its mouth so when it is feeling So-so it doesn't look sad.

Teehee~ I think the frown is actually what makes it adorable, and when it smiles, well, everything goes~

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