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Quote originally posted by diab_low:
You guys look great lmao and the teacher looks cool. My teacher is booooring.

Wow Girl you leave me breathless with every pic u cute <3
Aww that's so sweet of you! :] Hehe. I really tried to look fancy in those pictures! ;

Quote originally posted by Kyoko:
Thanks guys :D

NintendoQueen! Ahhhhh I love your outfits <3 They're all so pretty, as are you! My favorites are the 9th and 10th ones. Although, big shirts and leggings can be really cute with no hassle so good choice.
Aww thanks Kyoko! Your dress is so pretty in yours and so are you! Yes I love the big sweaters and leggings combination! It's cute yet easy to do, I agree! I want more long sweaters now...

Quote originally posted by Requility:
Since it's a new thread I'll post what I took earlier.


Ignore the pimples they're not my fault.
You are so pretty Nica. And pssshaw, I cannot even see those blemishes. You have a very nice complexion!