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Originally Posted by Omer. View Post
I couldn't be bothered uploading this on my blog, but since there's a new 'pictures of you' thread, I couldn't help myself. XD

I ditched the afro for relaxer. It made my hair dead straight and it looks awesome.

Excuse the old clothing, I had to use it when applying the relaxer so my better clothes wouldn't be ruined. XD
I haven't seen your afro, but I was always curious about how they would look straight since my dad rocked a huge one in the 70's and I wondered if it was even possible to do (then again, I was thinking in terms of a hair straightener). ANYWAY, your hair looks awesome :) And good thinking with using old clothes, you never want to mess with hair products like that in nice clothes.

Originally Posted by Drakow View Post

This post made my day perk up immensely ;)
Hahahah! Well, touche >:D

Mockingjay, you look SO much like a girl I went to high school with, but younger. Your eyes are really pretty!

Jek, Thank you :D I can't tell if you look more like Chace Crawford or could be a 4th Hemsworth brother. Looking good yourself!
you sure must be strong
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