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Quote originally posted by Omer.:
I couldn't be bothered uploading this on my blog, but since there's a new 'pictures of you' thread, I couldn't help myself. XD

I ditched the afro for relaxer. It made my hair dead straight and it looks awesome.

Excuse the old clothing, I had to use it when applying the relaxer so my better clothes wouldn't be ruined. XD
I haven't seen your afro, but I was always curious about how they would look straight since my dad rocked a huge one in the 70's and I wondered if it was even possible to do (then again, I was thinking in terms of a hair straightener). ANYWAY, your hair looks awesome :) And good thinking with using old clothes, you never want to mess with hair products like that in nice clothes.

Quote originally posted by Drakow:

This post made my day perk up immensely ;)
Hahahah! Well, touche >:D

Mockingjay, you look SO much like a girl I went to high school with, but younger. Your eyes are really pretty!

Jek, Thank you :D I can't tell if you look more like Chace Crawford or could be a 4th Hemsworth brother. Looking good yourself!