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Right... I would do Ultimate, but I broke my Diamond and lost my Emerald.

Update 2
Spoke with Fennel and Amanita. Went to Route One. Caught Patrat Level Four. Caught Lillipup Level Four. Ground Lillipup to Level Eight. Ground Patrat to Level Seven. Ground Purrloin to Level Seven. Went to Accumala Town. Went to Route Two. Taught Purrloin Cut. Ground Patrat to Level Eleven. Ground Lillipup to Level Eleven. Ground Purrloin to Level Eleven. Went to the Dreamyard. Beat Plasma Grunts. Ground Patrat to Level Twelve. Caught Munna Level Ten. Went to Striaton City. Went to Route Three. Beat Route Three Trainers. Ground Purrloin, Munna and Lillipup to Level Twelve. Beat Cheren. Beat Plasma Grunts. Ground Patrat to Level Thirteen. Went to Route Three. Ground Lillipup to Level Fourteen. Beat Route Three Trainers. Ground
all to Level 15. Went to Nacrene City. Beat Gym Trainers. Ground Munna and Lillipup to Level 16. Beat Lenora. Ground Munna to Level 17. Caught Patrat Level Two. Released old Pokemon.
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