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My vote goes for Dark Future. Here's why:

1. Truly unique storyline that doesn't involve zombies (cliche, reminds me of "nazi zombies" craze that every Call of Duty player had). Seriously, you collect orbs and there's cutscenes of the evil team, and there's a war 1000 years ago that no one knows about, there's a wild Onix rampaging about, and there's an abandoned lab with a password. There are so many post-apocalyptic scenarios in modern media, come on.. I'm confused to find that mere zombies and a wasteland Hoenn is 'unique' compared to a brand new region with all the said above.. And also, I'm guessing that Miksy is going to add the feature of playing multiple playable characters, as he implemented Final-Fantasy-esque style of hacking multiple characters travel in one sprite..

2. It is a GSC remake. This might be a cheap shot but a ton of resources have been dedicated to Ruby and Fire Red hacking to the point you see any newbie create these hacks. I've kept up with Dark Future for a long time since Miksy quit his Crystal version, and he's created better scripts, found out more about how the game works, and even learned Assembly programming, all on his own. All of which has not been accomplished before in a GSC hack (with the exception of Pokemon Prism). It'd be unfair to say that this amount of work will go unnoticed (or not as noticed as a Ruby hack) simply because it doesn't have a unique story [and again, look at point 1 for why it is as unique or more unique]. Hacking is not purely storyline based; if it were, you could go to fan-fiction. Hacking is reverse engineering the game.

* I also admit I have a biased point of view, being a GSC hacker.

Edit: Having played Cutlerine's A Grand Day Out, I tried Pokemon Snakewood. And I have to say, I was wrong in implying that it was not unique. It is, in my opinion, equally as unique as Dark Future but in a different way. However, Dark Future still holds my vote for these reasons:

Snakewood is a Ruby hack while Dark Future is a Gold hack. Due to the different tools and amount of resources available for each version, they have to be judged differently. Snakewood has an interesting plot but that is its prime attribute. As a doomsday scenario of Hoenn, the graphics seem the same. Previous commentators have reasoned that it is because it takes in Hoenn, but Hoenn nevertheless should look ruined. Blighted ground, skeletons in streets, wilting grass, destroyed buildings are not to be seen. What could have been a great graphical work is instead reduced to rocks. Ruby and Fire Red hacks are the two kinds of hacks where exceptional graphics have been implented, and Snakewood would have won my reconsideration if its prime attribute had not been only the enthralling storyline and humorous dialogue. Although there's not much that can be done with Color generation graphics, Dark Future has new trainer sprites (the old sprites are repalletted), an interesting plot as well (albeit more serious), and revolutionary scripting and ASM programming not implented in other Gold hacks.
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