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Quote originally posted by vaporeon7:
Using a DS or DS Lite you can transfer Pokémon from Emerald to 4th gen when you have the National Dex in Emerald and unlocked the Pal Park in 4th gen. You can then use the PokéTransfer to transfer them to 5th gen. You should only need your 3rd gen game, a DS Lite/Phat and another DS.
I have all of those, but my question is will the DS systems be able to communicate with each other without a link cable? I haven't figured out how to set connection settings yet on the original Lite model (I'm very familiar with the 3DS), but at the same time know there is a way to import your Pokémon through menu options on Emerald after beating the game. From the sounds of it, however, not only will I need to unlock the Pal Park (Soul Silver), but I will also have to complete another fourth gen. game (Pearl, Platinum) on the LITE system and unlock the ability to forward Pokémon on THAT game. In other words, I have four games to finish, and so far one is done. (Five if I throw in Fire Red for a few stray missing Pokémon.)

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