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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
I have all of those, but my question is will the DS systems be able to communicate with each other without a link cable? I haven't figured out how to set connection settings yet on the original Lite model (I'm very familiar with the 3DS), but at the same time know there is a way to import your Pokémon through menu options on Emerald after beating the game. From the sounds of it, however, not only will I need to unlock the Pal Park (Soul Silver), but I will also have to complete another fourth gen. game (Pearl, Platinum) on the LITE system and unlock the ability to forward Pokémon on THAT game. In other words, I have four games to finish, and so far one is done. (Five if I throw in Fire Red for a few stray missing Pokémon.)

You don't need a link cable, you use the dual slots on the DS Lite for the Pal Park and DS Download for the PokéTransfer.