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The red device all of a sudden stopped moving. Dominic breathed a sigh of relief. If he didn't catch it, he knew Pikachu would not be able to withstand another double kick. Dominic realized that he would have to train a lot harder with Pikachu, but he knew that they were a good pair. Pikachu all of a sudden started tugging at his pants leg. Dominic borked out of his trance and remembered he had to go and pick up the Pokéball containing his new friend. He went over and tossed the ball lightly to the ground.

Nidoran came out with what almost looked like a smile, "Nido Nido".

"Hey Nidoran, we are your new friends", Dominic said as he got on one knee.

"Pika Pika", Pikachu said.

Nidoran cocked his hand as if reading through Dominic to see if he was a good person. After what seemed five seconds it replied, "Nido Nido". Dominic smiled, he then softly tapped the Pokéball on Nidoran's head and Nidoran went back into its ball.

"Alright Pikachu", Dominic started," We are going to head back to Pallet Town and stop at the Poké Center and then go to the docks and wait for the boat.

"Pika Pikachu", Pikachu replied he then hopped on Dominic's shoulder as they started to find another way to climb up the way to back to the top of the ditch. Dominic was thinking of where the boat could be taking them. Unlike other tickets, this one did not have a particular destination but it still had a spot for where it said the boat would dock for passengers.

He knew wherever it would be, Professor Oak knew what he was doing and unlike other people, Dominic was not afraid t trust him. Dominic had a bad run with his foster parents all the way back in Jhoto and he decided he would take no more. It wasn't as if they were bad parents, they were just never in his life. So on that day he wrote a letter, left it on his bed and headed out. He bought a bus ticket to nowhere.

Along the way the bus stopped for a pit stop and Dominic looked around. He saw Professor Oak because the stop was actually in Pallet Town. All of a sudden an idea came into his head that he would ask to be an apprentice to Professor Oak. Yet everything was peaceful for about a year or so but then the earthquakes came.

Dominic and Oak survived and unlike moving somewhere else, Oak stayed and started rebuilding Pallet Town, Dominic decided to stay and help him as well. Dominic's main objective back then was to help other people search for their Pokemon that were still at the ranch. Unfortunately a lot of the Pokémon were dead, yet on one particular day, Dominic was going through some ruins and saw a Pikachu trapped under some rubble.

That same Pikachu was now his new partner, back then Dominic never saw himself as a Pokémon trainer but as Oak said, "Do not be afraid to try something new". Sides, for a rookie trainer, Dominic was doing somewhat good, with his vast knowledge of Pokemon and their behaviors, it would help him in his battling style.

"Pika Pika", Pikachu said. Dominic looked up and saw Pallet Town in the distance. Pikachu hopped from Dominic's shoulder.
"Race you there Pikachu", Dominic said as he started running.

"Pika Pika"


Dominic started breathing hard as he reached the Pokémon Center. Pikachu had already won and was already waiting at the door.

"Pika Pika Pikachu", Pikachu said as if saying I'm better than you.

"Whatever lil' guy", Dominic said as he scooped Pikachu and walked into the Pokémon Center.

"Hello Dominic", Nurse Joy greeted as Dominic walked in. She knew him because Dominic walked in and helped her with the Pokémon he also brought medicine to the Center and the Lab.

"Hey, can you check my Pikachu and Nidoran", Dominic asked.

"Sure", she said as Dominic put Pikachu in the counter and put Nidoran's Pokéball in a little shoot. After about ten minutes the Nurse returned. "Here you go", Nurse Joy said.

Pikachu hopped back on Dominic's shoulder and grabbed Nidoran's Pokéball. He walked outside, yet a different way. This way led to a battlefield and he saw many trainers battling. Dominic looked at them and then at Pikachu. He decided not to battle today, maybe another time. Right now, he had to head to the docks.

He started walking again, he thought of going over by Professor Oak, but another long good-bye would probably ensue. He soon came to the docks and saw a girl who had came to Professor Oak's lab a while ago for a Pokémon. Before he could say hello the bus came and she walked in. Dominic ran after her and hurried and got on. "Hey you", Dominic shouted, "I saw you at the Lab, I also saw you punch Professor Oak".

Dominic was not there to pick a fight but he thinks he might need to straighten that situation out.