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I PM'ed the GM and this has been approved, just waiting to be written in now

Trainer Name: "Crow"
Trainer Type: Veteran
Trendy Title: Trust Yesterday
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance:Khaki shorts with navy tanktop that has a black pocket on the front. Dark brown hair, usually messy. 6'0" tall and 155lbs. One green eye and the other is grey. He also wears a necklace with a small silver compass attached to it, it was given to him as a birthday present from his father.
Home Region: Johto

Bio: Crow was raised by his mother and father in the Johto region, specifically in Olivine City, where his father was a deckhand on a trade ship that frequented a route between Olivine and Cianwood city. A few weeks after his 16th birthday, the ship his father worked on returned from a trip through a terrible storm, without his father aboard. Convinced that his father is still out there somewhere, crow began to stow away from ship to ship searching for his father. His search still contines and those who do notice him only know him "crow", the boy who follows his own path. Crow hopes to become strong enough with the help of his pokemon to overcome any challenge he may face in the search for his missing father.

Personality: Relaxed, Cautious
Key Item of Choice:
Aura Color: Silver-blue
Pokemon Team:

Hokum (Ghastly) lvl 12 male

-Mean Look

Hokum was the first pokemon Crow managed to catch with his fathers help.

Cicero (Staryu) lvl 15

-Water Gun
-Rapid Spin
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