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Originally Posted by soopaord View Post
No, you can't unfortunately. Only way is to trade it to either Red or Blue, evolve it, then trade back to Yellow.
If you do this, Raichu won't follow you around anymore either if I remember correctly.

Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
Obviously someone didn't know about the Mankey's and Nido's on Route 22 that learned Low kick, or some sort of fighting move at around Level 12.
When I was a kid I never knew about it. On my single play through of Yellow as a kid I remember training Pikachu up to level 20 something in the grass below Pewter and then beating Brock. I now know to get one of those Pokemon but I don't really like that method too much since I'll be wasting valuable trainer xp on pokemon that I don't plan to use in my team after the first gym.

I actually started playing through Yellow on my phone last week because I have only played through it once but I gave up on it quickly. The start of the game was just too tedious and I eventually switched to Blue. Why not start with a water/grass/fire and then catch a Pikachu a little bit later instead of getting stuck with a Pikachu and some normal/fighting/bug/poison types. At least that's how I feel about it.
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