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Hello, saw this & I'm lovin' it. Just wanna enter the game too.

*Required Section*
Preferred In-Game Name: Mid
Trainer Type: PKMN Trainer
Pokémon #1: Salamence
Pokémon #2: Dragonair
Pokémon #3: Dragonair
Pokémon #4: Charizard
Pokemon #5: Sceptile (With Dragon Pulse)
Pokémon #6: Lucario (With Dragon Pulse)

*Optional Section* (Use Brendan's OW from Wesley FG at DevainArt, here's a link, if not, I can create some)
Overworld Speech: Hey, wanna battle?
Battle End Victory Speech: Better luck next time.
Battle End Loss Speech: That was fun, thanks.
Custom Graphic:

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