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Quote originally posted by dcjboi:
The game where the guy controlled the electric grid is called Watch Dogs which I am looking forward too.
Thanks dcjboi . I hope it isn't a PS3 exclusive, simply cause its the only current console not in my room but if it is I'll just steal my brothers

Quote originally posted by dcjboi:
Deadpool is my favorite Hero/Anti-Hero. I was always mad at how they ruined his image in that x-man movie. I also forgot to add:

GTA5-Another I forgot about! The GTA series is one of my all time favorite pick up and plays. I don't tend to complete them, just mess around haha

(OT) Am I the only person to think nintendo has been getting weaker and weaker?
To your second point I'm kinda with you on it but kinda not. I mean I feel that what the push is getting stronger (Mario, LoZ and Pokemon being the 3 biggest IMO). Also getting Kingdom Hearts on the 3DS as an exclusive is HUGE for nintendo, KH is a brilliant series. However it feels like some big nintendo guys are being ignored (Yoshi, Metroid, Star Fox, F Zero.) I mean I hope they are just taking their time like they did with Pikmin so its a better more polished game. However I don't thing we've had a new title from those guys in a while, just bit part roles (Yoshi in NSMBW for example) or redo's of old games (Star Fox 64 on the 3DS). Yoshi , I acknowledge, is a bit part character in a huge mario universe. However Wario has his own series of games, I feel yoshi deserves some more.

Quote originally posted by Snowdrop:
Your name is Kimbo I love it
Thanks Snowdrop
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