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Am I the only who find the 5th generation the borest? The only thing I'd miss from BW when I play 4th generation games would be the battles, and probably the new Pokémon and graphics. Black and White have a very short story. I think they're by far the fastest games I've ever completed. Some examples: gym leaders are way too easy, HMs are not required to go through the game (excluding Cut which is required in Dreamyard) or Pokémon are no longer affected by poison when they're not in battle. It looks like they've made the game easier (and even more casual) plus the story is the same as usual.

I think 4th generation will never bore me because, on the one hand, I have a new whole story (DPPt), which is not boring to me, and on the other hand, I have some super remakes to play (yeah, HGSS).

And this doesn't mean I don't like BW at all. I just find them boring because you can beat the game within a few hours. So if I had to replay a game from the 4th or BW, (I haven't tried B2W2 yet) it would be a 4th generation game (and it is actually what I am doing XD).

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