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Quote originally posted by Katie the Friendly Ghost:
Ahh new thread!

I'm so cool with my piercing and shades. Sorry for the quality. xP

Ahh new thread yes. But we have new nice pictures as well u look great

Quote originally posted by Kanto_Johto:
Okay, so I was flicking through the photos I took for the last thread, and this is what I found:


Yeah, I don't even remember taking this photo with that expression or using that effect on Photo Booth, so you can imagine how startled I was when it came up.
Hahahah lmfao cool effect

Quote originally posted by Bloodex:
New thread requires Dipu!

Took this yesterday morning when I got out of bed. Don't know what's worse, the bed hair or the tacky shirt...


This one's much better. Better hair. Better shirt. I like it ;3


Say cheese!

Dipu is such a fitting name for u cos u cutee