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Quote originally posted by KillerTyphlosion:
Hey i don't know if this is a bug but after i beat emerald and the other trainer at the start of the journey i went back to the beach and when i got a starter i still kept my eevee wich i found awesome.
I'll check on that.
Thank you.

Quote originally posted by KillerTyphlosion:
found an other bug. Before i went to twinkle town i went to moonlight town and went up to route 3b. i saw 2 aqua members and a secuine and when i talked to the secuine it was a trainer with lvl 30+ pokemon. I dont think i was suppose to enter that place but it seems either the whole game is bugged or is it only me.
Already reported and I already fixed it in the next to-be-released version.

Quote originally posted by BLOOOD-La-ti-:
This hack is awesome!!,but why does the game progress fast?
It does?

Quote originally posted by mralexs:
Someone please tell me where rock smash is! I've looked all over moonlight town and I can't find it!
Read the F.A.Q. please.

Quote originally posted by blackmage856:
I hate the attempt at fake difficulty making EVERY trainer spam items, its annoying and repetitive, quite frankly it makes me not want to even go to the end of the beta.
The reason they have items is because...they are trainers.
Their ability of using items will remain in the game.

I can't please everyone though.

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