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Quote originally posted by destinedjagold:
The reason they have items is because...they are trainers.
Their ability of using items will remain in the game.

I can't please everyone though.
I can actually understand the complaint. I think the concern is that if every Trainer has items, then you are being forced to go and search out items yourself to use in the same fashion they use them.

Most of the time it should not be an issue, however...MOST of the time. After all, if your move is super-effective and you go for the second and the kill, the Trainer merely wastes his Potion. But I say again, every Trainer having them is excessive; most official games limit it to Gym Leaders and a select few (like other Gym Trainers or a couple of notable battles, like against a Magma leader or somesuch). Is it more challenging giving every Trainer items? Sure. Does it give any form of uniqueness to the leaders? No, they're just another battle.

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