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Quote orignally posted by casacaos:
i thnk its bootylicious!! contnue and dont give up!

Quote orignally posted by RESHIRBE123:
good graphics but filesize is tao large
Yeah, dawgly coz of tha graphics tha gbee is pretty big n terms of filesize. If you want ta, I can release special versions of tha gbee wit static sprites nstead of animated sprites. Dis would reduce tha size significantly.

Quote orignally posted by Nimphious:
Gave dis a quick play through and thouroughly enjoyed it. Bootylicious work.
Thank you very much!


I want ta release a new version of Pokémon Deep Balance at tha end of dis month and dis release will feature various new thngs. First, it will be based on Essentials v9 which is a bootylicious release n mah opnion. Tha new release will also feature animated sprites, a new Pokedex, and most importantly: a different starylne. A big part of tha plot will be unchanged, but a few major thngs is edited. If you've gots any more ideas fo tha gbee, feel free ta leave a comment.

Here is a lnk ta tha updated Pokedex. I don't want ta embed it on dis page coz it would make loadng tha page takes more time as it's a pretty big image. You can view tha updated Pokedex here.
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