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Tsurara Densetsu


Recovery from the Irony

Tsurara helped prop up Seraphina into a sitting position, his face absolutely riddled with concern. Setsuko formed what seemed to be a yawn. She was half-asleep but remained awake, watching Seraphina beside Mai. Tsuraraglanced outside from a nearby window. It was still night, though the festival wouldn't be too much longer. He turned to his younger sister. "You fell ill during the ceremony, and I brought you back. The festival is still going on over there." He twirled a hand slightly and a small bean formed between his fingertips, glowing in a soft rose-red light. He then placed it in her palm. "Eat this, Imouto-chan. It should help with the fever and headaches, at least a bit. My concern is with this odd situation... How does our aspiring healer end up becoming sick?"




"How about you come with me instead, Divine Water has candy and… sharp toys," came the voice of the wicked witch Adeline, followed by "How about it?"

Kitsuko turned around to find the bigger girl she'd toppled over now... Towering over her menacingly. A huge smile (somehow bigger than what she already had) formed across her face and she shouted (rather loudly) "Yay, okaa-san!" and gave her new "mother" from hell a giant choke-out hug, her grip surprisingly tight.