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Quote originally posted by Saving Raven:
I love your tileset, they look amazing and so fun, and i like the idea of travelling by water
Goodluck with your game! I cant wait to see more of this!

Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
Loving the world map!
Did you make it yourself?

It's just perfect, decent amount of land space, and the usual amount of required water areas.
Town amount is perfect and so is the shape!!

Well done, again!!
Thanks for the positive feedback! I did indeed make it myself. Glad you like the way it's set up, it changed a lot before this final form that you see.

Quote originally posted by PokemonMasters:
the world map looks nice. (: anyways where is the starting town?
The starting town is in the top left corner of the map with the selection box around it.