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“So it IS you Misty.” Ash said.

Misty stared at him for a moment, trying to calm down her fluttering heart. She held onto the hope that there was still an inkling of a chance that she could hide her true identity, despite Ash’s persistence.

“For the hundredth time, I-AM-NOT-MISTY!” She yelled. “Your Pikachu took off my hat, so what?! That doesn’t prove anything!”

Ash took a step forward. “You look just like her. You have the same hair, the same eyes, the same temper… everything.”

She crossed her arms. “There are a lot of look-alikes in the world.”

“Well you love water Pokemon.”

“There are a lot of Pokemon type specialists, not just one.” She countered.

“And you’re afraid of bug Pokemon.”

“A lot of people could be the same.”

“Not many are afraid of bugs AND love water Pokemon while being from Kanto too.” Ash pointed out.

Misty bit her lip. She was about to reply but he spoke first.

“Plus the fact that you have an Azurill.”

“No I don’t!”

“Yeah you do! Tripp showed me from his camera.”

“He must have been mistaken because I don’t.”

“Yeah you do! He couldn’t have taken the picture if you didn’t have one.”

“No I don’t!”

“Yeah you do!”

“No I DON’T!”

“Yeah you DO!”

“Pika!” Pikachu shouted but the two ignored him and continued their arguing. He decided to put an end to all this by running up to Misty, slipping under her long coat and leaping up to the bag she wore under it. From here, he tapped all of her Pokeballs and leaped back down. Before Misty knew what had happened, all of her Pokemon appeared in flashes of light behind her.

Misty spun around to look at her Pokemon, sweat dropped, and then turned back to Ash and said meekly, “I told you that I didn’t have Azurill… with me right now that is.”

Ash looked at the Pokemon. “Ha! I know that Staryu and that Gyarados. I bet that Gyarados uses flamethrower too. I only know ONE Gyarados that can use flamethrower and it belongs to Misty.” Ash gloated.

Misty glared daggers at him. “And this very Gyarados can burn you to a crisp if you don’t shut up!”

“So it does have flamethrower then?”

She glared at him for a moment before finally snapping, “fine! Yes, yes! I AM Misty! Are you happy now?!”

“Yeah, actually.” He grinned at her. “I knew it! You didn’t fool me one bit.”

She snorted. “THAT’S a first. You used to be so dense, what happened?”

“Hey! I was NOT!” He yelled.

She put her hands on her hips. “You have NO idea how unbelievably dense you were and still are.”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are!”

“Geez, you guys argue like five year olds!” Iris spat, coming into view. “What kids!”

“Well, two exciting flavors so exquisite yet alike must clash sometimes.” Cilan added as he appeared behind Iris.

“More like all the time.” Ash muttered with a sideways glance at Misty.

Misty returned the look with narrowed eyes. “It’s not MY fault that you do a lot of stupid things.”

“Hey! I-” He started but stopped when Misty raised one finger, smirked and winked at him.

“Just like old times, eh Ash?”

“Huh?” He blinked at her before smiling. “Yeah, just like old times.”

“Huh?” Iris asked in confusion and glanced at Cilan, who was contemplating.

“Wait,” Cilan piped up suddenly. “Is this your gym leader friend who you thought this young lady may be?”

Ash turned to him. “Yeah, this is Misty. Misty, this is Iris and Cilan.”

“Hey,” Misty greeted with a raised hand. “Yeah, I remember you guys when you were introducing yourselves to ‘Anne’.”

“So why were you hiding your identity anyways?” Iris asked before becoming slightly distracted by noticing Misty’s Pokemon for the first time. Her eyes became wide and sparkly and she dashed off toward them.

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Ash said.

Misty sighed. “Long story… but I guess I have to tell you sometime- aaaahhhh!” She cut off as she had glanced to see what Iris was doing with her Pokemon and saw that she was heading toward one in particular. “Iris, that’s not a good idea!”

Iris turned to look at her with still sparkling eyes. “Why not?!”

“Gyarados doesn’t exactly like strangers and can have one nasty temper.” Misty responded with a slight nervous chuckle.

“But it’s a dragon isn’t it?” Iris questioned excitedly.

Misty blinked. “Technically I guess…”

“Well I have a way with dragons so I’ll be fine.” She turned back to Gyarados. “Hey Gyarados! You are so amazing!” she rushed towards it a little too quickly and it roared at her, making her stop.

“Axew!” Her Pokemon yelped and hid in her hair.

“It’s alright, I’m not gonna hurt you.” Iris soothed to Gyarados and continued toward it.

“Perhaps it would be a good idea to listen to Misty,” Cilan cautioned. “She does know more about her Pokemon.”

Misty crossed her arms and waited. If Iris was going to be an idiot, she would get what she deserved. Her only job was to make sure that Gyarados didn’t hurt her TOO much.

Gyarados was glaring at her and growling as she got closer and closer. The closer she got, the more it intensified. When she was too close it roared at her and made Axew leap out of her hair in terror. Right when Axew leaped out of the way, a hydro pump surged out of Gyarados’s mouth and soaked Iris, flattening her hair and making some drape down in her face.

Ash burst out laughing and Misty just smirked at her.

Grumbling, Iris brushed some of the dripping hair out of her face with slumped shoulders.

“You’re lucky Iris.” Misty called out sarcastically. “Gyarados only used hydro pump, it knows flamethrower too.”

Iris turned to her with wide eyes before backing away from Gyarados slowly.

“Anyways, what was I saying?” Misty asked.

“Why you were hiding your identity, I believe.” Cilan answered.

Ash looked at her expectantly. “And why you’re with Team Rocket.”

“Oh yeah,” Misty sighed. “Well it all happened when Daisy let me travel to Unova…” She explained how she wore the disguise to surprise Ash and see if he could guess who she was. Then she got into how Azurill was stolen and that it was the only reason that she was working with Team Rocket. “Working with them is a pain but they may be my only chance to find Azurill.” She rubbed her temples.

“Why didn’t you ask us to help look for Azurill?” Ash asked. “We can do it.” He fist pumped.

“Pika!” Pikachu agreed and mimicked his trainer.

“I didn’t want to chance it. Team Rocket has more resources in finding them and I didn’t want any of you to accidentally slip my name or something and ruin those chances.” She looked at him with a determined expression. “I have to find Azurill, no matter what the cost.”

“We could keep your identity secret while looking for Azurill ourselves as well. But I must caution,” Cilan added, “working with Team Rocket may be a dangerous affair if you get caught.”

Misty scoffed. “Dangerous? Those idiots? Don’t make me laugh!” She waved her hand in dismissal. “I’m not worried about being in any danger with them; I’m just worried about going insane with their stifling idiocy before I can complete my mission.”

Ash stared at her with furrowed brows. “So you’re going to travel with us after you find Azurill right?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t spend any more time with them than I have to. I was hoping that I’d be able to travel with you guys at least…”

“Yeah! Of course you can travel with us!” Ash responded. “We’ll find Azurill, I promise.”

Misty sighed. “I sure hope so. I’m really worried about it…” She looked down sadly.

Ash put a hand on her shoulder. “It’ll be okay Misty, we’ll find it.” He comforted.

Misty smiled at him. “Thanks Ash.”

There was a moment of silence between them and Ash looked as if he was trying to find something to say to break it.

“I-I’ve missed you a lot Mist…” Ash said and stared at her.

Misty didn’t really know how to take that. She should have been happy, knowing that the boy she had come to see really did miss her and that she wasn’t wasting her time. She should have blushed at this remark and shook off the blush with some witty comment like she always did. But she didn’t. Her initial reaction was not happiness; it took the opposite turn into rage.

Misty’s smile turned into a scowl and she jerked away from the hand on her shoulder. “Oh really?!” She snarled while glaring daggers at her shocked friend. “I could tell how much you missed me by all the phone calls you gave me. After all, there IS a phone in EVERY Pokemon center!”

Ash took a step away from her with his hands out defensively before blinking in confusion. “Phone calls? I never gave you any phone calls.”

Misty face palmed, gritting her teeth. He really didn’t get it, did he? She towered over him with a glare rivaling Gyarados in intimidation, making him and Pikachu cower down in terror. “I WAS BEING SARCASTIC, YOU IDIOT!” With this yell she pulled out her trusty mallet, giving Pikachu only a split second to leap off Ash’s shoulder with a yelp before the hammer slammed down on Ash’s head.

“Ooooowwwwww… What’d you do… that for Mistyyyyy?” He asked in a dazed voice as he swayed dizzily and then collapsed on the ground with swirly eyes.

“Because you’re an idiot.” Misty answered simply. “If you missed me so much then why did you never take the time to call me or at least stop in between regions when you go home for that little bit of time?”

Ash sat up, rubbing his head where a huge bump would inevitably appear. “I’m sorry Misty. I just never visited you because you were a gym leader and all. I thought that you’d be too busy for a visit.”

Misty snorted. “I would love to have more visitors that aren’t just looking to win a badge.”

“Oh…” He scratched the back of his neck before slowly standing up. “I’m sorry Misty. I promise to visit with you more. You know how I get side tracked with my Pokemon journeys and all… Forgive me?”

Misty blinked. She had never seen him apologize so much or even this level of sincerity from him. And Misty could hardly keep her temper with those pleading chocolate brown eyes staring at her. She sighed and tried to hide the blush that threatened to appear on her face. “Yeah… I forgive you Ash. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you. I don’t want to start off the reunion with a fight…”

Ash smirked. “Too late for that.” He rubbed his head with a wince.

She held her mallet over her shoulder like a sword and smirked at him. “You should have seen that coming. You deserved it.”

He gave her an irritated look. “I didn’t expect that my best friend that I hadn’t seen in ages would greet me by nearly giving me a concussion. Geez, I’m sorry that I said I missed you.”

Misty nudged his shoulder. “Oh stop trying to make me feel sorry for you.” Her smirk turned into a sweet smile. “But… I’ve missed you too Ash… More than you know.”

They stared at each other for a moment, forgetting the world around them. They were suddenly jolted back to reality when a ringing sound started from Misty’s bag.

“Oh, hold on a sec.” Misty muttered in an irritable tone and pulled out her bag from under her jacket with some difficulty. She finally pulled out her Poke’gear to catch the call at the tail end of the relentless ringing. “Hello?” She answered.

“Misty! You don’t need to, like, be at a Pokemon Center to check in with me! You have a Poke’gear you know?!” Daisy’s voice yelled on the other end.

Misty sweat dropped. “Sorry Daisy, I almost forgot that I even had one.”

“Well anyways, did you find your boyfriend yet?”

“Yeah, sorta… And I told you that he’s not…” She glanced at Ash. “…That!”

“Whatever sis. You should really, like, stop being in denial. I know that he’s not much of a catch but he can’t be THAT bad, can he?” Daisy responded.

Misty growled softly to herself before asking in the same tone, “So how’s everything going at the gym?”

“Oh yeah! That’s what I called about!” Daisy piped up in realization. “You need to get over to a Pokemon center’s video phone right away!”

“Why? I thought that I didn’t need to since I have my Poke’gear…”

“Because we need, like, more than just the calling function.”

Misty started to get uneasy. “Why? Is something going wrong at the gym?” From the corner of her eye she could have sworn she saw worry gleaming in Ash’s eyes.

“The battling and everything is going fine but there IS a problem. Just, like, get to a Pokemon center right away and call me. Okay, Misty?” Daisy said.

Misty sighed. “Alright, I’ll get there as soon as I can. Bye.” She hung up the Poke’gear and looked at the group to see that there was in fact worry in Ash’s expression and that he was staring at her intently. “I have to back track to Castelia City… Again! Daisy wants me to call her from a video phone there.”

“Why? Is everything okay?” Ash asked.

She shrugged. “I don’t know. She’s waiting to tell me until I get to the Pokemon Center I guess.”

“B-but you don’t have to go back to the gym already do you?” Ash asked in obvious panic.

So that’s why he looks so worried! Misty realized. She sighed. “I sure hope not… I haven’t been here for very long and I just now revealed who I was to you. Although I kept wondering if it was too good to be true that she was letting me go…”

“Please Misty; I don’t want you to go! You just got here and I was hoping that you could travel with us more!” Ash practically glomped Misty, shocking her beyond belief and making a blush explode across her face. This was so unlike Ash! Maybe he really did miss her…and here she was thinking that he might have forgotten her!

“I-I don’t want to go either but… that may not even be the case. It could be something simple that I could solve over the phone. But I won’t leave without a fight.” She smiled reassuringly to him, hesitantly returning the hug.

He pulled away from the hug and looked down at her- yes, down. She realized that he had grown at least an inch or two taller than her. Amazing since she thought he’d be shorter than her forever. “Plus you have to get Azurill back first.”

Misty nodded. “I know, I’ll let her know that situation if needed.”

He looked at her with intense eyes. “Just promise me something Mist… If you do have to go, don’t leave without coming back and saying bye first.”

She giggled slightly. “What kind of friend leaves without saying goodbye? Of course I will silly.”

He took a step back, looking slightly relieved. “Okay.”

“Anyways, see ya’ guys later. I’ll try to come back after the call. That is… unless you-know-who stops me.” She turned on her heel and waved as she walked away. Pulling out her Pokeballs, she returned Staryu, Gyarados and Momo before disappearing from sight back toward Castelia City.

Ash’s P.O.V
Ash had been overjoyed to find that ‘Anne’ really was Misty. He was also glad to know the reason that she was working with Team Rocket. Even though his head still throbbed painfully from when she had whacked him with her mallet; he couldn’t be happier. Unless he had won a battle making him a Pokemon Master of course… But this was still a close second to that. He had missed her so much that simply seeing her again made his heart soar and Butterfree flutter in his stomach.

“Well Ash, your friend sure has a fiery personality with hair to match.” Cilan commented, jerking Ash out of his thoughts.

“Huh? Oh, yeah.” Ash said in a daze.

Iris smirked. “Oh leave him be Cilan. He’s probably daydreaming about his girlfriend.”

“WHAT?! She’s NOT my girlfriend!” Ash yelled with a blush.

“You deny it like a kid would. Don’t worry Ashy, she won’t give you cooties if you kiss her.” She pulled an apple out of seemingly no where and took a bite. “What a kid.” She said with her mouth full, making Cilan sweat drop.

Ash’s face turned a brighter red than before at this remark and he almost fell over in surprise. “I-I know that!!! Shut up! I am NOT a kid and she is NOT my girlfriend!” He yelled, trying to hide his embarrassment.

“Whatever. Denying won’t get you anywhere.” Iris continued with her mouth still full.

“What causes you to get so hungry when talking about love?” Cilan asked, still sweat dropping.

Iris shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s a mystery to me.”

Ash sighed and looked in the direction where Misty disappeared. He had become so worried when Daisy called and that there might be something wrong. She may have to return back to the gym already, not able to travel with him again.

He couldn’t help but remember that day that they had to part ways. He really didn’t want her to leave but it seemed as if her dream of becoming a gym leader was coming true and he didn’t want to make her miss out on that just because he didn’t want her to leave. So he tried to be happy for her; he tried to be optimistic about her leaving to become a gym leader but it seemed that him doing that only hurt her more.

Brock pointed out that she may not want to leave; which made Ash feel horrible with how he spoke to her. But it seemed that there was no way out of her having to leave anyways so he continued to try and be optimistic, although it was painfully hard not to beg her to stay like he had just done.

I promised that we’d see each other again… Sure we have but it was always HER making that happen when it was ME who made the promise. I should have visited her more! Ash looked down sadly, feeling horrible.

“Pikapi?” Pikachu asked in worry, sensing his master’s sorrow.

Ash smiled for his buddy and scratched behind his ear, making Pikachu chaa in happiness. As he did this he thought back to his conversation with Misty and recalled a certain thing that she had said. I’ve missed you too Ash… More than you know.

How had she felt in that gym alone? She didn’t want to return, meaning that she really wasn’t happy being a gym leader like he thought she would be. He sighed and just hoped that she didn’t have to leave so that he could set everything right.

Misty’s P.O.V
Misty made it back to Castelia City and found the Pokemon Center with a little help from the map on her tracking device. She sat at a video phone and dialed her sister’s number, waiting anxiously for her to answer.

Daisy’s face appeared on the screen and had a quite irritated expression to it.

“Look, I got here as fast as I could Daisy. I can only walk so fast!” She defended herself before Daisy could even say anything.

Daisy sighed. “I’m not irritated at you Misty.”

Misty blinked. “Then who is irritating you?”

“This!” Daisy held up Psyduck and its dopey face stared at her with a blank expression as it held its head.

Misty held back a laugh. “Is that what this is about?! What did Psyduck do this time?!”

“It totally, like, messed up my gym battle! It’s hard enough to battle without this dopey thing interfering.” Daisy said in exasperation.

Misty couldn’t help but be amused and continued to try and not laugh. “How’d it do that?”

Daisy became more flustered. “It’s not funny Mist! That thing popped out of its Pokeball while I was in an intense battle and appeared, like, right on the battle platform. It got hit by an attack when it did and, like, started flailing around in the water. I had to help the thing and while I was distracted, the trainer, like, knocked out my Pokemon. I was so irritated at that dumb duck! So you can still stay there on one condition Misty!” She picked up Psyduck again. “You take Psyduck with you!”

Misty now understood her sister’s irritance. Countless times Psyduck had appeared and messed up her battles as well. She sighed. “Alright. I’ll take it with me.”

“Good.” Daisy responded and recalled Psyduck before putting the Pokeball in the transfer machine. In a matter of seconds the Pokeball appeared at Misty’s transfer machine.

“Got it.” Misty said and held up the Pokeball to show Daisy.

“Thank you!” Daisy sighed heavily. “That, like, takes a huge burden off my shoulders.”

Misty laughed softly. “No problem Daisy. Good luck and I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay, bye sis. And I hope that the jacket is working for you.”

Misty smirked. The jacket had caused all that was going on and how she was able to work with Team Rocket to get Azurill back. “Yeah, the jacket’s working great.” Misty answered.

“Good to know. Bye.” Daisy responded before the screen went black.

Misty sat at the video phone for a moment, staring at the Pokeball holding Psyduck.

“Ducklett?” It asked curiously.

“You’re not the only duck Pokemon.” Misty answered and pet Ducklett on the head. She threw the Pokeball up in the air. “Come on out Psyduck!”

Psyduck appeared and stared at her blankly. “Psy yi yi.”

Ducklett flew off of Misty’s shoulder and landed in front of Psyduck and stared it down.

“Ducklett duck?”

“Psy yi yi duck.”

Misty started to get a headache from their staring contest and looked away just in time to see three figures in black coats entering the room.

“Eep! Psyduck, return!” She said in a panic and returned it.

“Duck?” Ducklett asked and flew back on to her shoulder.

“I couldn’t let Team Rocket see Psyduck. They may remember it and my cover would be blown.” She explained in a whisper.

Team Rocket caught sight of her and walked toward her. She met them half way, an explanation loaded and ready to go.

“We saw that you had come back here from the tracking machine. What were you doing?” Jessie demanded.

“I had a call that I needed to attend to on the video phone.” Misty answered.

“Any sight of Team Plasma?” James asked.

“No. You guys have any luck?”

“No.” James sounded downhearted.

“We’re going to head toward Nimbasa Town. That’s where the twerps are headed.” Jessie explained. “Let’s go. Maybe we can stop them before they get there.”

Misty sighed and followed Team Rocket out of the Center. “Still on your relentless mission to capture Pikachu?”

“Of course! We’ll never stop until we have given it to the boss!” James explained.

Misty sighed. “Of course… So, just curious, how do you always know where the group is? Do you follow them that closely all the time or are you just lucky and keep running into them?” This question had always lingered in her mind and this was the perfect opportunity to find out.

“I can tell you ‘dat!” Meowth said. “I created ‘dis device, you see. It was genius! Better ‘den any device I’ve ever made! It was a tracking device that was fool proof! No matter what scuffles that twiyp got into, it would never be destroyed!”

Misty now became interested. “And how was it that it never could be destroyed?” She asked.

Meowth had a huge grin on his face. “Dat’s cuz it’s a device on the inside! It’s a non-digestable - for a certain amount of time- tracking device ‘dat we’ve put inside the twiyp with the Pikachu.”

Misty paled. She felt sick and wished with every fiber of her being that she hadn’t asked. “W-what?!”

“Yeah! We sneak it in ‘da twiyp’s food and it’s so small ’dat he doesn’t even notice. Sure, we have to replace it every month or so but it woiks great!”

“See? We have a separate dot here for the twerps’ location!” James added cheerfully and pointed to a dot on his watch.

Misty felt seriously sick and disturbed. Team Rocket was so determined to get Pikachu that they snuck a tracking device in his food?! No wonder they always found him no matter where he was! “Y-you haven’t done that to me have you?!” Misty asked in horror.

“Of course not. It’s expensive enough replacing the twerp’s device. And besides, you have your watch as a tracking device already.” Jessie explained.

Misty sighed in relief. But she still felt horribly sick. She wished that she could just forget that she ever asked.

They stopped at a cave. “What are we doing here?” Misty asked.

“We got word from the boss that Pokemon with powerful energy stored within them dwell in this cave. We need to capture them and give them to him.” James said.

Misty sighed. Great. Another day of pointless missions that Ash will just ruin for them.

They had got in a machine and started capturing rock Pokemon called Roggenrola. Their mission was going well… too well. They drove outside and Misty looked around for Ash, Iris and Cilan. They were nowhere in sight but Misty knew that they would come soon.

“Three, two, one…” Misty counted down softly. Right on cue, Ash and the gang appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Misty secretly got her jetpack ready and waited for the battle to foil Team Rocket’s plans. She was the first to lift off into the sky before the machine was destroyed, Team Rocket hot on her trail. They landed somewhere else and Misty put her jetpack away, hoping that this was the last mission of the day.

She had noticed in the battle with Ash that his Pokemon’s attacks weren’t as powerful as usual. Or rather, they were purposely weaker, although they still got the job done. She knew why too; he didn’t want to hurt her in the process. She was personally grateful for this but he couldn’t go too easy or they may get away.

Team Rocket had made her use her Pokemon to help too and she was careful to choose only Ducklett and Momo, praying that Psyduck wouldn’t pop out unexpectedly. She always had her Pokemon dodge Ash’s attacks until they were in front of the machine, which they would then dodge a final time so the attack would hit it. With Ash going easy on her Pokemon, it made it easy to deliberately foil Team Rocket’s plans. She just hoped that they wouldn’t notice what she was doing.

Team Rocket got another call from their boss about another Pokemon called Audino that he wanted… after his irritance at them about failing the Rogginrola mission of course.

“Alright, let’s go get then.” Jessie said.

Misty sighed. More missions…

Team Rocket’s plan actually seemed like it had some thought to it. They were hypnotizing the Audino and luring them to the base. Much safer than a frontal attack and steal like they normally did. But of course Ash and co, along with officer Jenny, foiled their plans once again and they made their escape. Misty looked down at Ash sadly from the sky as she took off. She wished that she’d find Azurill so that she could be with him again…

The next day brought more missions. They first tried to capture an Archen, which was apparently a fossil Pokemon. Failed. Then they tried to trick people by setting up a fishing contest and stealing the Pokemon they caught. Failed again. Right when Misty was ready to tear her hair out, they arrived in Nimbasa Town.

“Ugh! Finally! I thought that we’d NEVER get here!” Misty said in exasperation and collapsed to her knees on the ground.

“Get up Anne.” Jessie said in irritance. “We aren’t staying here. The boss told us that we have another mission, remember? The subway is in Nimbasa City so we have to keep moving.”

Misty sighed and looked around. She saw a big crowd at a nearby building and saw the words Nimbasa Town Tournament written on it. She also could have sworn that she saw Ash in the crowd.

She looked back up at Team Rocket. “I am exhausted! I need somewhat of a break or I’ll just be dragging all day! Why don’t you guys head on to Nimbasa City without me and I’ll rush over there when I’m all rested up?”

Jessie narrowed her eyes before turning away. “Fine, have it your way. Let’s go guys.”

“Right!” James and Meowth said and followed.

Misty sighed in relief and waited for them to disappear from sight before getting up and rushing toward the tournament area. It was true that she was tired… tired of being with them really… but she also wanted to see Ash preform in the tournament since she was curious to see how his battle skills had become since she last saw him. She went to the ticket booth and got a ticket for the audience. She didn’t really feel like battling in this one but if there was another tournament then she would be sure to try it out.

She sat in the stands and waited until Ash’s turn was up. Misty grinned and got pumped up. “Good luck Ash.” She murmured.
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