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Quote originally posted by Psiiionic:
It is legit but Pokecheck cannot tell due to the Pokemon Box PID not being registered to Pokecheck anyways sorry for the misunderstanding and enjoy the Regice.
Np. And thanks.
I hope you enjoy the Ziggy.

@ Cleb617: What shinies do you have? I have some WSHMAKER Jirachi's UT already (one UT modest too I believe with decent IVs), so I'm content with what WSHMAKERs I have already.

@ »ѕιℓνєяωιηgѕ«: Sorry to hear that. I hope you get WiFi sometime soon because that is where alot of the fun lies in Pokemon!

Friend Codes (Mainly Use 5th Gen):

WHITE - 2022 6408 0629
PLATINUM - 5329 7867 7289

Also have Pokemon Pearl, Platinum, and SoulSilver.
I even have a JPN Pokemon HeartGold.
However I rarely use my 4th Gen Games for WiFi anymore.